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(It's all) About Me


My name is Bill Manson and I’m a caricature wood carver. Born in Gourock, Scotland, I now live in Canada. My full handle is William Hamilton Manson so hence the WHM on my cavings. I’ve been carving for a number of years now and at an early stage of my hobby I realized the Caricature styling suited me best.

Joining a woodcarving club, in my opinion is the best way for a newbie to begin although there is a wealth of inspiration and tutorials for wood carvers on the internet and in books. 

The three outfits that helped me on my carving journey were Roseville Carvers, the Owlsnest Carving Club in Waterloo and more recently, the Cobourg Carvers. I would be remiss if I didn’t tip my hat to John Poole a well known carver in SW Ontario. I believe you learn more through human contact. You can’t share a laugh with your computer.

I’ve created the website basically to show my friends and carving buddies my efforts. However I do sell a few items in an unorganized fashion due to the ridiculous mailing cost. Local sales are good but mail orders cost for a small item like a magnet is robbery. If anyone is still interested in purchasing, contact me below. 

Hope you get a smile navigating my website.

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